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The Top Nine Movies of 2012

I. Love. Movies.  I love the experience of going to a movie theatre, of stumbling through the dark until I find my seat, of eating overpriced popcorn, of sitting through previews for movies that won’t come out for another year and whispering, “oooh, I wanna see that’ to the person next to me, all of it.  2012 has been a particularly great year for movies for me, and while I haven’t seen all of the movies that have been released, I have seen enough to create a top nine list.  Why only nine choices?  Well, let’s say that it is in honor of the films I haven’t seen this year.  The empty ‘tenth slot’’ pays tribute to the fact that there is probably an amazing film that I missed that should be on this list.  And why should you care about MY list?

Because I’m awesome.  And so are these movies.

The Master 2

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