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You Should Be Reading This: Saga


There is a saying that goes something like, ‘everything has already been written.’ The idea goes that there are no original concepts or themes left to be written about, and that all that remains for modern writers is to retread existing ground. This is usually meant as a slight against scribes who resurrect the bones of stories long since buried. While I do believe that every basic literary theme has been explored in some way, shape, or form, I also believe that the strength of a tale rests in how strongly (or poorly) it embodies these themes.

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Boldly Go See Star Trek Into Darkness

Warning:  This review contains spoilers for Star Trek Into Darkness. If you don’t want me to violate your prime directive, come back to this review after you’ve seen the film.

Star Trek 2

It isn’t often that I attend midnight releases for films. I hate dealing with crowds, and I’m usually a complete waste of a human being after midnight. Besides, I can see a new release any time during opening weekend, right? But when a group of my friends set up a Facebook invitation for the midnight release of Star Trek Into Darkness, and after dragging my feet for a few days, I finally agreed to buy a ticket and join them.

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You Should Be Reading This: Hawkeye

Hawkeye 7

Growing up, Hawkeye was always one of those comic book characters that I appreciated from a distance. I was into a lot of fantasy and roleplaying games as a kid… well, as an adult, too… so the idea of a super-hero that goes toe-to-toe with aliens, criminals, and gods armed only with a bow and arrow appealed to me.  However, he never really struck me as the type of character who could hold his own title, at least not for long. Solo titles and mini-series have come and gone, and I’ve held by my opinion.

Until now, that is.

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